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Stretch Hub Limited (here under “Stretch Hub”) thinks highly of the protection of personal information and will protect and respect personal information and privacy rights with our cautious management according to the law.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

In order to protect your rights and interests, if Stretch Hub ever obtained your personal information through the following channels, Stretch Hub will closely protect your personal information and will not provide, sell or disclose the same to any third party or other corporations:

You signed up for   activities or classes held by Stretch Hub or other partners.

You wrote to Stretch Hub to ask relevant questions or provide your   opinions.

You subscribed to Stretch Hub’s E-NEWS or activities messages.

You left your information   when phoned by our consultants, sought advice from us or participated in   activities.

In principle, your personal information will only be processed and used in electronic or hard copy formats by
Stretch Hub, Stretch Hub’s affiliates, Stretch Hub’s subcontractors, receivers of international transmitted personal information not restricted by the authorities in charge, or foreign governments, authorities in charge, supervisory authorities, taxation authorities, judicial authorities, arbitration courts, dispute resolution institutions or other persons designated by the authorities within Hong Kong and the locations of Stretch Hub’s affiliates, branches and subcontractors where such receivers of international transmitted personal information are not restricted by the authorities in charge.Except for those disclosed by Stretch Hub in our good faith belief to be both legal and necessary, your personal information will only be used by Stretch Hub for providing you with relevant information or services (including notice on irregular events, seminars or training courses, E-NEWS, satisfaction surveys and other information or services) and for maintaining and improving services.As to the use of the website, the website will record personal IP address, webpages viewed and relevant information which will be managed by the Stretch Hub website. Stretch Hub will only analyze relevant information so as to improve our service quality.You may exercise the following rights through written request in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. Please visit Stretch Hub or call us if you have any suggestions or opinions for Stretch Hub.


any inquiry and request   for a review of personal information;


any request to make   duplications of personal information; Stretch   Hub   may charge the necessary cost according to the law;


any request to supplement   or correct personal information;


any request to   discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information;


any request to delete   personal information.

Self-Protection Measures

Please properly keep your password and/or any personal information. Do not provide any of your personal information to anyone else. If you share your computer with others or use a public computer, please remember to close the browser so as to prevent others from reading your personal information.

Amendment to Privacy Rights Protection Policy

Stretch Hub will amend this policy from time to time in order to comply with the latest privacy rights protection rules and regulations. When Stretch Hub makes substantial amendments to the rules on the use of personal information, we will publish the amendments on our website so as to notify you of relevant amendments.


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